Slow Cooker Guide

A Guide to Slow cookers 


Slow cookers are usually used to prepare huge batches of delicious dishes which can cater for large groups of people. However, it is a big challenge if at all you are alone as you will have lots of leftovers. The plenty of food cooked can be challenging if the number of consumers is not enough. It 's nice to know that it is not a must for crockpots to cook plenty of meals for groups. It is possible to use a crockpot to prepare a dish which is suitable for a single person or two people.


The benefits of using a slow cooker are numerous. Some of them include the elimination of the temptation to go for a take-out which is more expensive as well as less nutritious. They allow one-step preparation. The placement of all ingredients in the same pot cuts down the cleanup time and the time used to prepare these ingredients. These cookers are very helpful throughout the year. They give out sweet aromas which are very welcoming. They work well during the summertime seasons as they do not warm the house. These slow cookers help to tenderize the cuts of the meat. They also bring out the flavor in the cooked foods as wide range of ingredients is mixed. Is a slow cooker the same as a crock pot?

This slow cooker uses fewer units of electricity as compared to the power consumed by ovens.


There are several types of slow cooker dishes. There are also tried and tested recipes which are very common worldwide. The ingredients for these recipes can be adjusted to fit one's preferences. You can add touch to the crock pot ingredients to have the best meal ever. Examples of the most typical slow cooker recipes include; quick crockpot cassoulet. To prepare this meal, you need 1 kilogram of boneless and skinless chicken breast halves which are sliced to form chunks. Half teaspoon salt, onion which is quartered and sliced thinly, a quarter teaspoon black pepper, a quarter cup chopped fresh parsley, a third cup chicken broth, two large cloves garlic which is minced, and half kg turkey kielbasa. It is recommended to first place the kitchen in the crock pot. Mix the other ingredients are poured into the bowl. Cook for about six hours and serve when desired. Learn more about slow cooker at


These slow cooker recipes at are very perfect. They are beneficial especially when you host a party, and you don't have time. You can cook several types of dishes simultaneously.